How to Enjoy a Happy Marriage Forever

If one should consider the experiences of many that have been involved in the marriage institution and had to bark out, it may be difficult for one to actually decide to go into marriage. But the fact that some people's experience in marriage has not been a good one shouldn't debar you from venturing into marriage, and that with a good confidence that yours is going to be with a difference.

I am from a Muslim polygamous family with 12 living children from 2 wives and some few wasted on the battle front of polygamy. Ours was a family full of stress, strive, confusion, divisions and all disturbances.

My father was almost always pursuing our mothers all over our village whenever there was a fight between the two wives.

Who gets what advantage in the family boils down to who our father desires to favour. Though most things got round, there was always a desire to have the best in the family from both parties.

With all these in mind I was determined to go into marriage with the mind that my marriage must be with a great difference from my parents. This is where all marriages must start from:

Having the determination to make your marriage work. Indeed there may come ups and downs in the lifetime of a marriage but with this solid commitment in your mind to make it a success you can always scale through any hurdles that may come your way.

Imaging a driver behind the steering wheel of a car who decides to leave the steering sooner than later the car will drift off the road and end up crashing if the driver will not put up effort to correct the car from the drift. So it is with marriage. If you don't decide to always bring back the wheel of the family back to the road of success the end of the marriage may not be far away.

DETERMINATION to scale through in your marriage is the sole determinant of where your marriage will end. If the two of you involved in the marriage are determined to make it work nothing in the world can make the marriage to fail. But if one of you is undecided about the marriage then any little crisis can lead to separation or even divorce.

When you get married it is supposed to be better for you than when you were single, because it is said in one of the holy books that two are better than one, so it should be that your marriage will be sweet for you.

You therefore need to be so determined that under any circumstance you will make your marriage to work.

Happiness therefore is what you decide to have or not to have in your marriage. But it is something you can do, try your best to get it right.

There are factors that guarantee success in marriage and that will be the subject of our next discussion on this site. Factors that will help you get things right with great precision.

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  1. Really, marriage can work out peacefully if the couple is determined to sail through. It is possible to make it a jolly ride till death do them part. Thanks for the post


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