Factors for Success in Marriage - Understanding

Is misunderstanding tearing you apart?
One major factor in Marriage success is UNDERSTANDING. The couple should endeavor to understand each other in every situation and circumstance.

A little thing can lead to a major misunderstanding and it may put an end to a marriage that had hitherto been on the way of success.

Every couple should  try to understand the likes, dislikes, tastes, desires, preferences, etc of each other so that there will not be any room for misunderstanding to creep into the family.

The story was told of a couple that was celebrating their 50th marriage anniversary and the couple after all the ceremonies of the day with friends and relations settled down to their usual night tea table.

The husband like he had ever done in the past 50 years made the tea and took his own portion of the bread and gave the wife the head part of the bread and as he settled down to eat he heard the wife sobbing, then he asked with concern and care what could have caused the wife such pain as to start sobbing on their anniversary? The wife in answering accused the husband of insensitivity and said at least for all these years she took it upon herself to always eat the head of the bread but not also on a day of her celebrating 50 years in marriage. 

The husband thereafter explained to the wife for all these years he sacrificed the sweetest part of the bread to the wife just because of his love for her but alas his love was misunderstood.

We should as much as possible get to make ourselves clear in all our dealings with our spouse so that there will not be any misunderstanding. 

Never allow any misunderstanding to come between you and your spouse. 

However, should there be any misunderstanding between you as a couple NEVER go to bed with the misunderstanding unsettled. As Christians it helps you to stay in tune with your God and it helps you maintain a good relationship with your spouse.


  1. Wow. I love this post! And this concluding piece of advice:

    "Never allow any misunderstanding to come between you and your spouse."

    Very smart, and a very appropriate story too for any of us who are married.


  2. Thanks a lot for the comment, it's really cool for couples to stay without misunderstanding tearing them apart. It is possible so we should always strive to achieve this purpose.
    thanks for bookmarking.

  3. Very true. I think misunderstanding is always a part of marriage life, it adds spice to your relationship. But NEVER go to bed with the misunderstanding unsettled.


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